How is Writing a Perfect Form of Art? April 22, 2020

How is Writing a Perfect Form of Art?

When imagination and skills are combined, they lead to the creation of art. If you think about art, the first few thoughts that might pop up in your mind could be drawing, painting, etc. But what about writing? Is it right to say writing is also a form of art? 

The straightforward answer to these questions is yes! 

Many people will obviously disagree with this statement because writing isn’t given the praise that it deserves. However, the evolution of technology and the rise in online marketing has given a huge bump to different forms of writings and writers. Hence, in this blog, we will let you know how writing is a perfect form of art and no less than other forms of highly-appreciated artistic works.

3 Traits of Art

The simple definition of art is the skill of doing something naturally or a skill that is developed through practice. For instance, the debaters and politicians have the art of conversation. This definition and example should clear your mind about writing that there is nothing wrong with saying it an art. But, if we dig a little deeper, then we can narrow down the characteristics of art as:

  • Visually or emotionally persuasive
  • Imaginative
  • Expressive

All of these characteristics can be found in writing, which makes it a perfect form of art. Let’s dig into these traits individually:

Visually or Emotionally Persuasive

No doubt, writing cannot be said visually persuasive as the words written in black and white doesn’t have the power to please anyone visually. But, words carry a great number of emotions, and they have the power of changing people’s point of view. That’s what makes writing an art!

However, it doesn’t mean that all of the written material can be called art as they might not be persuasive or carry any element that could bring life to the words. If you wish to achieve the influential element and impress the audience, then you must:

  • Show the real face of what you are describing; whether it has pros or cons, everything should be discussed.
  • Use the words that won’t require the reader to find a dictionary and search their meanings in the context you’ve written.
  • Avoid excessive and unnecessary details that make the actual idea of your writing vague.
  • Imaginative

Whether it’s a painter painting or a carpenter making furniture, nothing can be created without imagination. Similarly, a writer has to use his/her imaginative skills to come up with a piece of writing that no one has ever read before.

Using one’s own mindset and creative thoughts after thinking out of the box makes people come up with things that the world has never seen before. It is because no one can match other’s imagination as everyone has a different perspective of seeing things moving around them.


Last but not least is the expressive nature of the work. A person can define his/her emotions in a number of ways, just like a painter expresses oneself through paintings. Similarly, writers also have a tendency to show their feelings by putting their thoughts on a piece of paper. 

What is Destroying the Image of Writers?

With positive changes brought about by the internet all across the globe, it has also brought some negatives, which is damaging the reputation of writers. Plagiarism and piracy are the main things that have caused damage to people working in this dynamic field. Every sort of information is available on the web, and many people are causing trouble for writers who are working really hard to come up with a perfect piece of writing.

Undoubtedly, it would be annoying for everyone if they found that someone else is using their work and taking all the credit they deserve. This trouble has led to the development of plagiarism checker tools that are providing a great deal of assistance to the original authors. With the help of this tool, writers can keep an eye on their work and take actions against those who are using their words without permission or providing citations.

The Bottom Line

The traits of art sum up the main idea of this blog that writing is a perfect form of art. However, the image of writers is still at stake due to the plagiarists. The people who are willing to pursue careers in writing should not depend on the material that is already available on the web. It is essential to stir your own emotions and imaginations to come up with a persuasive piece of writing.

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