Plagiarism Checker API

Uplift your content development strategy with advanced Plagiarism Checker API integration that supports you in ensuring the exclusiveness of your textual ideas and meeting business standards.


Deep Search Plagiarism Checker API

Track the instances of plagiarism in a text with advanced AI-based technology. This facility provides you with the quickest output and a comprehensive plagiarism-checking report containing duplicated phrases, percentage-wise results, and source text links, enabling you to get familiar with all the shreds of plagiarism in your writing.

Get yourself equipped with this Plagiarism Checker API to galvanize your content development strategy.


How Does a Plagiarism Checker Level Up Your Business? offers you the Plagiarism Checker API that certainly speeds up similarity detection in your content. This will help you track any instance of duplication in your content to avoid any penalty for committing plagiarism. Grabbing the bits of plagiarism in a text helps you increase content quality and save yourself from being penalized by search engines due to plagiarized content.


Sentence-Wise Plagiarism Detection

The Plagiarism Checker API runs a sentence-wise plagiarism test to grab any minor instance of duplication in the content instead of relying on a single similarity check on the entire text in general.


Quick Content Scanning

The Plagiarism Checker API is capable of providing you with flawless output instantly. This will enable you to focus on other crucial business-related tasks to enhance productivity instead of waiting for a longer time to get plagiarism-checking results.


Security and Privacy Focused

The Plagiarism Checker API by has been secured with an additional layer of SSL certificate that ensures no third party can access users’ uploaded files. As a result, the privacy of your text files will be guaranteed on this Plagiarism Checker.


Simple to Configure

The API offered by us is extremely simple and easy to configure. No special technical knowledge is required to execute this task.


Multiple Website Usage

Users are allowed to use this Plagiarism Checker API on multiple devices. Therefore, there is no need to verify the account every time while configuring this API.

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