The customers who aren’t satisfied with the plan they have purchased or the quality of service can claim for a refund. Please read our refund policy below before making a decision on purchasing any of our plans.


The customers who want to claim a return can post it within 15 days of the purchase. The major proportion of the plan’s resources that a customer is returning must stay unused to claim a refund.

Refund Process

To get a refund for a plan, use the Contact Us form of PlagiarismDetector and mention “refund my plan” in the subject field of the form. Our customer care will notify you as soon as it receives your request.


The plan you are returning will be assessed, and the number of queries you have consumed will also be checked. If your request is qualified for a refund, you will get your payment back within 5-7 working days. A refund can be claimed:

  • Weekly : weekly plans are not subject to any kind of refund.
  • Monthly and Yearly : Users can claim the refund within 15 days of purchase.

If you contact us after this time period and your usage is 0%, will still not be responsible for any refund or dispute.

  • No refund can be claimed if a plan is purchased in special offers or discount.
  • One-time subscriptions are also not eligible for any refunds.
  • Add-ons are totally non-refundable
Repayment Conditions

The payment will be returned to the same channel through which it arrived for the purchase of the plan. The consumption history will be analyzed, which includes the number of queries used and the number of words checked. The consumption will affect the repayable amount as we will deduce it from the actual refund. Plus, the bank charges will also be deducted.

If you have any other query regarding our refund policy, use the same Contact Us form and let us know. Our support team will reach you out as soon as possible.

Manual Cancelation.

Subscribers who want to cancel orders must do so through the cancellation process offered by

  • A user can cancel the subscription from their profile.
  • If a user contacts us for cancellation, usually it takes 2- 3 working days for cancellation.
Cancellation of service.

We reserves the right of unilateral service cancellation under the following circumstances:

  • User breaks these Terms and Conditions.
  • User diverges from the normal usage patterns established by services.
  • User attempts to inflict damages on the reputation or normal work of
  • As respond to requests for customer service.
  • We receive abuse requests concerning user actions from law enforcement agencies.
  • Cancellation of service by client implies that all the responsibilities about data, received by services, covered by these Terms and Conditions, are in effect.
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