Most Common Reasons for Plagiarism Occurrence

Most Common Reasons for Plagiarism Occurrence
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Duplication of others’ work, ideas, and concepts in your writing without their consent is a serious crime. Plagiarizing others’ ideas and claiming it yours is not something new to this world. This unethical act has been practiced for hundreds of years. Similarly, the detection of plagiarism in work has also become fast with the help of modern duplication-finding facilities. But, the important thing to discuss here is the reasons that lead individuals to copy the work of others instead of relying on their own skills.

This blog post will mainly discuss these crucial issues by explaining the major reasons for duplication. So, stick to this blog post till the end to learn the common reasons for duplication occurrence.

• Insufficient Time

Writers are expected to provide high-quality, research-based unique content that contains something informative. However, they often have to battle with a shortage of time given to complete the content. Creating quality, fresh, and exclusive content in a limited time is a challenging task. Therefore, many writers prefer duplicating others’ work to meet deadlines and save themselves from embarrassment in front of their colleagues. But, this unethical act often leads them to face serious consequences like losing clients, jobs, etc.

• Unattractive Topic

Writing on a boring or extremely technical topic, especially if you are not familiar with it, can be a hectic job for a writer. Instead of following the difficult path, many writers often duplicate others’ work. As a supervisor or instructor, it is important to understand that every student or writer has different priorities. Similarly, liking or disliking of a subject can also vary from person to person, which also follows in this specific situation. For example, a writer with a computer science background may not write lengthy content on a topic related to the medical field. This will surely lead the writer to follow some shortcuts. Most of the individuals facing similar problems usually end up duplicating others’ words.

However, a simple and easy practice will allow you to counter this unethical act. Assigning content to writers as per their choice will reduce the chances of plagiarism. Also, the chances of getting unique and quality content from them will get higher. 

• Unawareness of Citation Methods

Research is a main part of content writing that helps writers find authentic and reliable information about the topic. However, one thing writers often ignore is learning how to cite the source. Giving credit to the author or source from where you get the information is important to save yourself from the charges of plagiarism. However, there are chances where an individual has to stand among plagiarists even after citing the source. How is it possible? Well, many writers, especially students, are oblivious to the correct way of citation, and this makes them bear the charges of duplicating others’ content.

Students need to learn that inappropriate citation if caught, will be considered plagiarism. It is the teachers’ responsibility to guide their students in using the correct method of citation to help them avoid plagiarism.

• Lack of Confidence

Writing in a non-native language is always challenging. You need to make efforts to learn appropriate grammar rules and improve your vocabulary to create attractive content. Still, the chances to complete an article without mistakes are minimal if you are a beginner or don’t have a firm grip on grammar skills. The fear of being insulted in front of everyone often leads students to copy the content of others instead of relying on their own writing. They usually feel that submitting copied content from the internet will save them from being trolled. Such false beliefs turn them into plagiarists.

The invention of the modern plagiarism checker has made it easy to find duplication in content. Instead of copying others’ work to save themselves from penalties for plagiarism, students must try their own writing skills. Similarly, checking for plagiarism in the content before submitting it to the supervisor is also a valuable approach to counter plagiarism. 

Bottom Line

In the last analysis, plagiarism is a serious crime that can destroy a writer’s career and reputation. Therefore, everyone needs to make sure that their writing is free of duplication. The information mentioned earlier would have guided you about the major reasons for plagiarism. However, you can easily avoid them by following the suggestions stated in this post. You can use paraphrasing tool to reword your content to make it unique have the same idea of the content.

We hope this blog post will assist you in effectively countering the causes of plagiarism and writing fresh and unique content efficiently.