Frequently Asked Question's (FAQs)

Is Plagiarism Detector really able to identify plagiarism?

Plagiarism Detector will provide an accurate plagiarism analysis. It will compare your text with billions of web pages and sources from other databases. The plagiarized and unique percentages will be displayed after it has completed checking the submitted text. The plagiarized parts will be marked, and on the right column, you can view the plagiarized sources. You should remove these parts and rewrite them or write entirely new sentences. After you have altered the text and removed/rewritten the plagiarism parts, rerun a plagiarism check and make 100 percent sure that your text does not contain plagiarized content.

Will my content be saved in any database by Plagiarism Detector?

No. Your submitted paper will be checked, and on completion of the plagiarism detection process, a plagiarism analysis report will be displayed to you. After you close the URL, everything is removed by Plagiarism Detector. When you go on the site, it opens the session and does the plagiarism check, submits the report, and that’s the end. It does not make any sense to keep copies of millions of papers that are submitted for plagiarism checking. Storing this data is worthless and useless, and Plagiarism Detector does not waste resources and has a strict Privacy Policy.

How can I be sure that Plagiarism Detector is not going to use the text I have submitted for checking?

The rules and policies regarding user rights that Plagiarism Detector has incorporated are extremely stringent. Plagiarism Detector strictly adheres to its rules and will never share any text that has been submitted by a user to be shared with anyone. It's a dumb tool, and all that it does is compare your submitted writing and tries to find similar text. It does not take an image scan and store it anywhere.

Does Plagiarism Detector check every written or printed text submitted?

Plagiarism Detector endeavors to check through billions of web content and digitized written material. However, it cannot check books, research papers, a thesis that has been written but has not been digitized and posted on the internet. If there is any material that has not been digitized, it will not be included in Plagiarism Detector's database.

Do I have to register to use the Plagiarism Detector?

No. You don’t have to register when you go to We abide by a very strict user policy, and we don’t gather any personal information about our users. The point of providing a free plagiarism detector is to make it easy for users to use this facility. Plagiarism Detector has implemented a very strict and secure user policy, and neither does it require a user providing any personal information, nor does it share any instrument that is used on its website.

Does Plagiarism Detector support multiple languages?

Yes. Plagiarism Detector supports scans of content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and Russian languages. When you open the site on the navigation bar after the blog, there is a sign which by default, is set to EN (abbreviation for English) and has an arrowhead pointing down. When you click on the arrowhead, the choice of languages is displayed. You can select the language in which you want the plagiarism checking to be done. It will check the submitted document with documents in the same language.

How fast does it take to scan and display plagiarism results?

Every scan takes into account a few factors. How many sentences and words are in the document to be checked? How many relevant results are compiled? If a part of the document submitted matches the content on a number of sites, the results will take a little extra time in presenting the results. To make the speed fast, the search is limited to 1000 words per search. It should normally take about 5 seconds for the results of one page to be finalized and displayed. Another factor that can delay the plagiarism detector displaying the results is the speed of your internet; if your internet is slow, it will take it longer to present the results.

What is considered a good or bad percentage of similar content?

Each case that is submitted to be scanned and checked differs. A document of 50 words, which has 6 similar words, will show as 12 percent, and 6 similar words in a document of 1000 words will be less than one percent and won't show in the results. This will affect the percentage from a very small to a very large percentage. Some of the educational institutions have placed a maximum limit of permitted plagiarism. When you look at the plagiarized results, you will have to decide if the plagiarized results are permissible or not. For example, common use sentences may be flagged as plagiarized, which can be ignored.

How can I share my results with others?

You can do this by emailing your content, which you want to share the results with, and ask them to run it through Plagiarism Detector. A second way to share your results is by taking a screenshot of the results and sharing it with others. The third and the most convenient option, which instructors generally use in educational institutes, is to ask students to submit plagiarism reports along with their assignments. Like this, they don’t have to go through the exercise of checking each assignment through plagiarism checking application.

Plagiarism Detector enables you to download a detailed report and share it with whoever and whenever you want.

How can I check if someone else is using my content?

If the content of the website that you suspect is using your content, you can check this quite easily. Just open Plagiarism Detector and scan your text that you suspect is being misused without your permission. Run the plagiarism detector and check the results. If the website that you suspect shows up in the results of plagiarized sources, you can be sure that your content has been plagiarized. Now it's up to you to take action against the website.

How many times can I use the Plagiarism Detector?

There is no limit imposed by the Plagiarism Detector on the number of times a user can run the application. You can check one or a thousand documents; there are no limitations. So feel free to use it as and when you want. Neither do you have to register to use it, nor is there any limit on the number of times you can use it. Just remember that if you have taken a break, you might get a 'session expired' message. All that you need to do is to open the site and continue from where you had stopped.

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