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These online tools are totally free of cost, you don’t have to pay any subscription charges or even signup to execute multiple functions. Simply upload files in these free tools and see the wonders.

PDF to Word - PDF to Doc

No doubt, PDF is the most widely used file format as it doesn’t have compatibility issues. But editing PDFs isn’t as easy as editing Word files that have led to the introduction of PDF to Word conversion tool. Now, there is no need to purchase expensive software for editing PDF files as PDF to Word converter is providing free of cost conversion into an editable file format to all of its users.


  • This tool provides intact conversion of PDF documents in Word format.
  • Its accessibility is free of any charge
  • The tool is compatible with all devices.
  • It’s a fast and accurate converter.
Link: PDF to Word
PDF to Word

Word to PDF - Doc to PDF

While sending an important file to a stakeholder, you need to make sure that the document could be viewed without any hassles. It is only possible if the document is in the universal file format, i.e., PDF. Most of the people prepare documents in Word format as it provides the best editing feature. But, the problem arises with its compatibility. You can overcome this situation with the help of Word to PDF online converter.


  • The formatting of Word file remains the same after being converted to PDF with this tool.
  • It offers unlimited conversions.
  • Multiple files can be converted in a single go.
  • Registration isn’t a restriction for usage of this service.
Link: Word to PDF
Word to PDF

Compare Text

Duplicate content is surely an issue for everyone and finding the difference in text files manually is more hectic. To resolve this issue you need a software that describes the similarities in text automatically. Then check out our compare text online tool to find the difference between the texts or files in a couple of seconds. It offers you a free utility to efficiently compare files and it will also save your quality time.


  • No registration required to compare text.
  • It highlights each word and phrase.
  • The tool supports multiple languages.
  • It provides Unlimited text comparisons.
Link: Compare Text
Text Compare
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