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Our mission is to fulfill everyone's NEEDS in plagiarism detection. Most user-friendly interface with plenty of exclusive FEATURES to execute efficiency & reliability mission.

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How Does the Plagiarism Checker Work?

Plagiarism Checker is the most intelligent and accurate tool. It scans your submitted article and checks the relevance of your content across the Internet globally. The content you submit is analyzed based on many factors by our advanced plagiarism tool, some of which are described below:


Lexical Frequencies

A variable that affects the time consumed to absolute a verbal response



Examine the word choice used to structure a sentence and compare it with other sources.


Matching Phrases

Compares the sentences with phrases from the web pages available in its database

🌐  Multilingual 150+ Languages
✔️  Working Lexical frequencies Contextual Analysis Fuzzy Matching
💯  Accuracy 100%
✈️  Speed Immediate checking
🔁  Check Counts Unlimited

Furthermore, your text is mapped into our internal network and compared against different databases. We have designed our algorithm to especially ignore statistically common phrases to provide a better and more valuable search for potential plagiarism in the text.

Why Choose Our Plagiarism Checker

Our plagiarism checker provides many features. Some comparative functions that make our plagiarism detector unique from others are discussed below.
quick search

Free Quick Search

Our online plagiarism checker is free. Its advanced algorithm and designed to show you instant results without any delay.

deep search analysis


This plagiarism checker software offers you a deep and thorough plagiarism check facility. You will get additional levels of plagiarism searches and results.

url or file upload

URL Or File Uploading

Our copyright checker can still assist you if your content is in file or URL format. It allows you to upload a file or URL to check plagiarism.

Manual Detection VS Online Plagiarism Detector

Detecting plagiarism manually is a challenging and tough task requiring an individual's comprehensive effort. Exploring a large number of platforms and comparing the text with the content of others is not easy. The chances of getting the required output after making all the efforts are still minimal.

On the other hand, using our online plagiarism detector makes duplication-finding easy and fast. Simply enter the textual information, and you will get a perfect similarity check report in seconds.

Understanding the Results of Plagiarism Detector

If your content is plagiarism free, you will see 0% plagiarism and no words or phrases will be highlighted in special colors. Let's understand plagiarism detection results step by step for better understanding.

Result in Percentage

After finishing the plagiarism test, you will get an accurate percentage of plagiarism and the uniqueness of your text.

result percentage
plagiarized content

Check Plagiarized Content will display the phrase or sentence in the result box below. All the marked lines indicate that the content is plagiarized. That means that the content has already been published somewhere.

View Sources

Clicking on "View Plagiarized Sources" will show you the original source, where you can see the plagiarized text. However, if your content is unique, you will receive a congratulatory message.

view sources

Plagiarism Checker Online for Multiple Languages

Our plagiarism checker online can detect plagiarism in multiple languages for users in other regions. You are free to check plagiarism in different languages, including:

Consequences of Plagiarism

The consequences of plagiarism can be academic, personal, professional, legal, and others. Plagiarism detection software is easily available and in use to catch plagiarists shockingly. Once accused of plagiarism, a person will always be viewed with suspicion. Without further ado, let's go through the possible consequences you'll face if you copy:


Today, copyrighted content has become a constant problem in educational institutions. Students create many assignments using a lot of research in a short period. Many schools/institutions, such as Duke University, have judicial affairs offices. They will review each case of plagiarism and fix penalties.

Less than 15% text similarity is generally accepted globally. Up to 20% is considered plagiarism, but it may not affect you in some cases. You should make sure that more than 25% of plagiarism can cost you badly. You may face expulsion or suspension. So, it's a safe approach to verify your content with a free plagiarism checker at least once.


Most of the outcomes of plagiarism occur once the replication is caught. Institutions have noted that students who duplicate data often fail to learn research and writing skills. Once they leave the institution, all those students lose the ability to create original content because they have only cheated before.

Additionally, plagiarism has a psychological impact on people's lives, as constant lying and cheating can take a psychological toll. Using a plagiarism checker free helps avoid such situations.



Countless journalists, academics, writers, and creators have had their reputations damaged by plagiarism accusations. Not only do plagiarists disrupt their ongoing work by getting fired or terminated. They also find it difficult to get work in the future. A particularly egregious instance of plagiarism, or worse, can destroy a person's professional image. It also forces them to change careers to avoid the stigma of plagiarism.


Apart from all the professional and personal difficulties that may arise in certain cases, there are also legal consequences. Copying copyrighted material for profit may result in the plagiarist having to pay some financial losses. In some cases, copying data can subject the plagiarist to criminal prosecution. And the punishment can range from charges to imprisonment.

So, before submitting any content, do a plagiarism check once to see if you have copied it or not. It can protect you from all kinds of harm. You won't have to wait long for results using a duplicate content checker. You can take advantage of this plagiarism checker free and save yourself from embarrassment.


Why Introducing Plagiarism Checker

Detecting plagiarism is certainly a difficult task that becomes tougher without reliable resources. The primary reason for introducing this plagiarism checker is to provide students, freelancers, and professional writers an opportunity to ensure the uniqueness of text before submitting it. An exclusive range of useful features, a friendly interface, and affordable pricing plans makes this facility perfect for everyone. With our plagiarism detector, detecting duplicate text becomes a no-uphill task. Wikipedia is the best resource you should rely on to learn more about content similarity detection.

How to Check Plagiarism Online?

Following the shared below set of instructions will enable you to check plagiarism online in an article.


Copy and paste text or upload the file directly into the given box.

check plagiarism

Click to Check Similarity

Hit the "Check Plagiarism" button to start the similarity check process.

download report


Get a detailed duplication report. Save it by pressing the Download button.

Who are the Beneficiaries of Our Free Plagiarism Detector?

This free plagiarism detector is perfect for individuals from every domain of life. Some of the most prominent beneficiaries of our tool are mentioned below.


Our plagiarism detector allows students to track any duplication in a text instantly. Writing unique and accurate academic assignments is essential for students to get good grades and inspire teachers. Maintaining uniqueness in writing is challenging for students nowadays. The chances of unintentional or accidental plagiarism are higher because of improper citation or paraphrasing. Plagiarism in submitted work can lead students to face serious penalties. The assistance of a free plagiarism checker is ideal for students to check for plagiarism. Eliminating the highlighted text in the duplication finding report will make the text original and fresh.

teachers and professors

Teachers and Professors

Plagiarism detection in students submitted work is a nightmare for teachers and students. But not anymore! This plagiarism detector makes duplication finding simple and easy for teachers and professors. Uploading students assignments and research papers on this facility and tapping a few buttons will enable teachers to detect the copied text quickly. Our plagiarism checker free also highlights the source of the text. It allows teachers to examine the severity of the crime. This essay checker helps teachers get rid of conventional ways of plagiarism checking. Besides, it helps them conduct assessments and award grades accordingly.

freelance content writers

Freelance Content Writers

A top-notch plagiarism tool is crucial to seek out duplicate text. The presence of plagiarized text in submitting work can hurt the reputation of freelance writers. Maintaining integrity and critical thinking is inevitable for freelancers. Similarly, presenting innovative and fresh content to clients should always be a priority for them. Our plagiarism checker helps them to prevent instances of plagiarism and ensure the originality of the text. Double-checking write-ups before sharing them with clients in this facility makes them confident about their work.

reporters and journalists

Reporters and Journalists

It is obvious for journalists to avoid plagiarism while scamming through various events and reporting to prevent penalties. Our incredible plagiarism checker online has the ability to save reporters and journalists from any undesired circumstances. Conducting a plagiarism check on the news/text before uploading or sharing it eliminates the risks and similarities. Scanning posts and blogs before sharing with the audience is ideal for uplifting a reputation as a credible source.

Word Limit to Check Plagiarism Online

The following table will guide you about the word limit to check plagiarism. You are free to use any premium plan as per your need.

AttributesStudent InstituteEnterprise
Pages50 120200
Words15,000 36,00060,000
Saving0% 38%43%
AttributesStudent InstituteEnterprise
Pages200 + 40 560 + 1401580 + 220
Words72,000 210,000540,000
Saving0% 29%50%
AttributesStudent InstituteEnterprise
Pages1200 28804560
Words360,000 864,0001,368,000
Saving0% 24%29%
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Identify Copied Material with Anti Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism can take many forms, but the end result is always the same: the plagiarist stole something from another person. Plagiarism refers to using the ideas and information of any other person without acknowledging that particular person as the source. Like all other forms of theft, plagiarism has many disadvantages associated with it.

So for a better approach you can use our anti plagiarism software to detect plagiarism and clean your content. The functionality of our anti plagiarism tool is incredible. It searches your content against billions of content and underlines every sentence that matches another posted article.

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