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Use our text summarizer to capture key points from articles in various output forms. Copy-paste text or upload a PDF file to summarize on this summarizing tool.

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How to Use This Text Summarizer?

The text summarizer offers you an easy way to summarize your text online. Follow the steps mentioned below to summarize a lengthy text.

Write or paste the text in the input box.

Choose your desired mode: percentage, bullets, or main ideas.

Click on the “Summarize Text” button.

AI-Powered Summarizing Tool by

AI-Powered summarizing tool online, offered by, allows you to summarize long texts, essays, paragraphs, and articles with their central concept in one click like a pro. It can also provide excellent services to individuals from different domains by offering multiple ways to summarize text with it. With our summarization tool, you can get results in the given output forms:

Original Idea - Summarize the main idea of a text in a paragraph.

Show in Bullets - Retrieve prominent ideas in the form of bullet points.

Summarization Percent - Select the percentage of text you desire to extract in a short text.

Why Use Our AI Text Summarizer

Our text summarizer offers users a simple way to condense a lengthy article and get its significant points with a few clicks. The user-friendly interface makes it an ideal option for newbies to summarize text without observing any hurdles.

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Significant Benefits of Summarizing Text

Summarizing text online has multiple benefits, but some expected benefits are discussed below.

Identifying Key Sentences and Concepts

Summarize a text to find out the key points explained in it. This practice helps you get familiar with the primary idea of the content without reading the entire text.

Evaluation of Sentence Relevance and Importance

By condensing the text with our free summarizer, you can quickly examine the relevance to a particular topic or industry. This practice also lets you evaluate the importance of any specific information or idea and how it can be helpful for you.

Streamlining Large Volumes of Text

Streamlining text involves making it more concise and organized while retaining its core meaning and message. A summary generator is one of the best methods to help you in this regard. It also assists you in learning the core purpose of the entire text.

Summarize Social Media Content by Text Summarizer

Social media is a powerful medium that allows brands to promote their products and services to a broader audience in a catchy way. Posting quality content is the best way to engage the audience on social media. Social media posts primarily include captions and descriptions to promote blogs, website applications, and market brands. But almost every social media platform has a word count limit for writing narratives and posts. Our summarizer tool can help you in this regard. You can summarize long text and condense it to make it perfect for posting. You can build a strong social media marketing strategy by posting unique and precise posts on social media.

Potential Users of Summarization Tool

The summarization tool helps people from various fields in managing their assigned tasks. The following information will enable you to learn how our summarizing tool is helping individuals from different sectors.


Researchers and Academics

Students and researchers must often examine several academic papers to conduct an appropriate and extensive literature review. The assistance of our online summarizing tool gives researchers, teachers, and students a chance to get an overview of the critical points of any academic paper. It also helps students to prepare main ideas for presentations or conferences. Teachers can use our AI summarizer to evaluate students’ submitted assignments.


Journalists and Media Professionals

In this busy world where many things happen in a short span, journalists and media professionals need to report a story in a short span to stay alive in the competition. Most of the time, they usually get lengthy descriptions of the story. Extracting the core information from the story and making it short and precise will consume extensive time. That’s where our online summarizer comes to serve them. It helps you cut down the long story into a brief press release.


Business Professionals

Businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest trends to compete with their rivals. Learning about the latest market news and new products or services introduced by the competitors is inevitable for them to perform better. But, investing considerable time to read all the relevant content pieces is challenging for most of them. The free summarizer resolves this issue, allowing you to analyze written text and extract the main points without hassle.


Content Creators

Content creators are expected to generate high-quality content that can engage the audience. It requires excellent research from them. Analyzing the content generated by other authors is a time-consuming task. It comes in handy for extracting the critical points from a written text and gives content creators a chance to quickly develop an engaging piece of text. Our word summarizer helps writers to conclude their lengthy blog posts or articles efficiently.


Data Analysts

The online summarizer is essential for data analysts. It allows them to eliminate the complexity of content, which supports them in making better decisions. Our free summarizing tool will save data analysts from manually evaluating large datasets, which consumes extensive time and effort. Similarly, it helps them effectively organise the data.

Adapting Summarizer to Specific Domains or Preferences


The essay summarizer allows you to condense a lengthy essay readily. Upload the essay on the essay summarizing tool and retrieve its major points instantaneously.


Learn an article's main idea quickly by condensing it with our article summarizer. It will save you from reading the entire article to find its main idea.


Draw out the finding of any academic paper instead of analyzing it thoroughly. With a paper summarizer on this platform, you can identify the research results in a fraction of a second.


Summarize a story in a perfect way using the story summarizer. An ideal option for writers to conclude their stories without typing a single word.


Access an AI-powered paragraph summarizer to summarize a paragraph without assistance.

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