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Do you have files in Word format that you need in PDF? Word to PDF converter is here for your rescue as it allows you to convert multiple Ms.Word files to PDF format in a single click. Simply upload your files and click the convert button to execute this conversion.

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How to Convert Word to PDF?

01 Upload a single or multiple Word/Doc/Docx file by clicking the "Upload File" button.
02 Press the "Convert to PDF" button to start the conversion.
03 The converted file will be downloaded on your device after clicking the “Download” button.
04 Start a new conversion by clicking the "Start New Conversion" button.

Best Online MS Word to PDF Converter

The free Word to PDF converter is a smart tool that converts documents from Doc format to PDF. This efficient application is widely used around the globe for the conversion of documents in Microsoft Word to PDF. Several times, it becomes essential for people to share documents in PDF format. The need for sharing files in PDF has led to the development of document to pdf converters as Word is the most widely used format for the preparation of any type of document. Many online platforms have introduced this tool due to its increased demand, but this Word (Doc) to PDF tool of PlagiarismDetector.net is the best online tool you can find.

Our free tool doesn’t put you in any kind of hassle for the conversion of doc files to PDF. The best thing about this converter is that it doesn’t disturb the formatting of your Word file while converting it to PDF. The appearance of all the elements stored in your Word file will remain the same in its converted PDF version. Neither the text alignment nor the font typeface will be altered while you convert Word to PDF on our website. Our tool will maintain the quality of the original Word document put in by the user for the conversion to PDF.

PDF: Most Commonly Used Format

PDF or Portable Document Format is considered a universal file format that can be accessed and viewed on all devices and platforms. It is the most commonly used file format because the documents in this format are easiest to store and share. The documents stored in PDF are displayed the same across all devices, and no user faces difficulty in understanding its elements as the formatting remains intact.

On the other hand, the files prepared and shared in Ms. Word format might not be easy to view for the receivers as they might not have installed Microsoft Office suite on their devices. The requirement of a software program for viewing Doc files makes Word a less dependent file format as compared to PDF, which can be viewed from any device.

Convert Doc to PDF: Compatibility

The issue of compatibility makes people reluctant to use online tools, such as Doc to PDF online converter. However, we assure our users that they will not face this issue with our online converter. Since it’s an online tool, the only thing you need to access this tool is an internet connection. The users can open this online converter from any device. The users don’t have to buy a specific device for converting their documents from MS Word to PDF. Whether your device is running on iOS, Android, Linux, or Windows operating system, you won’t face any trouble in accessing our website.

There are no drivers or plugins that should be installed for performing this conversion. Your device should only have a web browser and internet connectivity to make this conversion possible. There is no specific or preferred browser for using this service. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, any of the browsers will never restrict you from accessing Doc to PDF free tool. Plus, the users will not find any difference in the quality of service on any device as this tool will work the same on all of them. You can convert Word file to PDF free without fulfilling any requirement.

Change Word to PDF: Accurate and Secure Converter

The Word to PDF tool by PlagiarismDetector.net is offering its users with top-notch service. When it comes to accuracy and security, no other tool can beat our Doc to PDF converter’s functionality. The main reason for introducing this tool is to save people’s time from formatting their documents again and again. Different versions of Word disturb the original alignment of the file; however, converting it to PDF is always an easy way out as it won’t put you in the hassle of editing again. Plus, your documents remain in safe hands if you choose to convert them with our converter. The documents will be deleted from the servers of our tool as soon as the conversion is completed.

What’s New in our Docx to PDF Converter?

The Docx to PDF online converter service is provided by many websites on the web. However, not all of them offer you a top-quality tool with advanced features, but our tool does. You can use this tool and enjoy its unmatchable service and multiple features, including:

Speed: The time it takes to convert your files from Doc to PDF is the best part of this tool. The Word files will be converted to PDF format in a matter of seconds. Yes, there is no need to rely on converters that take several minutes to complete this task, as our tool will not take more than a couple of seconds.

Multiple conversions at once: The multiple Word files conversion in a single click is the feature that most of the online Doc to PDF converters lack. But, our tool allows its users to upload multiple files in a single conversion and hit the convert button to get all the files in PDF format.

Unlimited conversions: Since Docx to PDF converter is a free tool on this website, the users are allowed to convert as many Word files as they want without facing any restriction. It’s not like other tools that offer their users with 5-10 free queries per day or week.

Our Motive

We are here to help people by providing them top-quality service that isn’t a burden on their pockets. We wish to make sure that our online tools help its users in the best possible manner. The easy-to-use interface of the tools that we are offering will allow all visitors to gain maximum benefit from our platform. This platform is for everyone’s ease; hence, you can access it at any time of the day and from any corner of the world without facing any restriction or limitation. We also offer PDF to Word tool for your ease.

The privacy of the users is the utmost priority of PlagiarismDetector.net Therefore, we have designed our tools in such a way that the files entered by users aren’t kept in the databases. We don’t intend to share or misuse the data entered by the visitors. Hence, you don’t have to think or worry about the security of your data while using our tools.

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