Plagiarism is considered wrong January 11, 2019

Plagiarism is considered wrong

Importance of Discouraging Plagiarism. Most of the people know that plagiarism is considered wrong but not everyone is aware of that. Many people think that teachers, professors, and professionals are wasting their time explaining plagiarism. They all stand on a single point that everyone should give importance to plagiarism by discouraging it. Whatever you do by plagiarizing is wrong. Let’s have a look at why we should discourage plagiarism:

Extremely easy to get caught

In the modern age of technology, it is very easy to find plagiarism in the text. By merely putting your text in a search engine or plagiarism detector, you will get the original source from where the data has been extracted. If you have tried to alter the words or use other spinning technology to avoid this, you will be caught easily. Also, you spend as much time, trying to copy the words of another author so that plagiarism won’t be detected as you would spend that time in writing a new article in your own words you will be succeeded.

Plagiarism is completely illegal

Another reason that why you need to discourage plagiarism is that it is illegal. Plagiarism simply means stealing data or words of someone else, that does not belong to you. In many countries, plagiarism is considered a crime, and it is completely illegal because it belongs to copyright infringement. Also, it is fully punishable in law; the punishment for this illicit work is varying from country to country. If you ever get caught in violating this law you could be easily sued. Mostly professional writers try to steal data from different authors but beware it is illegal even if the original author has passed away.

You will fail in developing your writing skills

If plagiarism is not discouraged, then you are not able to develop your writing skills. Whether you are a student, teacher and professional writer plagiarism is prohibited in all cases. If you are not trying to think and write with your own words, then you are not able to enhance your abilities. Just imagine if you are not get caught with your plagiarized work and people like your work. What if people hire you so what you actually do now on the job? This will hurt your credibility and will make it hard for you to find another job. So, you need to discourage plagiarism in any case.

Plagiarism is unfair for others who really work hard

By stealing and cheating the system, you are unfairly making competition with those who work so hard. If you do not discourage plagiarism, then there are more chances that the online and offline world is full of less-original content. Originality and developing skills should always be encouraged to give an opportunity to those people who work hard. Many students work hard to get their degree by their abilities, but others try to achieve goals in life with the help of plagiarism. It is not very hard to write in your own words, which always improves with time.

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